Brownstown Township

Jackson County Indiana

Board Members: Conner Barnette, Jack Gillespie. Helen Nolting

Trustee: Jennifer Isaacs

Board Meeting 2-09-21

The Brownstown Township Board met on Tuesday. February 9.2021 at the Trustee Office Conner Barnette opened the meeting with all three Board Members present. Minutes of the 9-30-2020 meeting were reviewed and approved. Isaacs distributed the agenda for the meeting. Board Members signatures were received for Resolution 1-2021. Township Trustee salery $21,200 and Board Members $1,666. No change to Nepotism Policy.

Old Business

On 11-17-20, due to the death of School Board member Dan Hall, Paul Borden was unanimously approved to replace Dan Hall as the Brownstown Township Representative on the Brownstown Central School Board of Trustees.

New Business

Election of Officer for 2021 was held: President – Jack Gillespie, Secretary – Helen Nolting, Member – Conner Barnette

Board of Finance Report approve at $49,701.65. Gateway Year End Report copies distributed. Jack Gillespie brought to attention that Cemetery Fund was not utilized in 2020 and should be considered for 2021.

Conner Barnette made the motion to adjourn. Jack Gillespie seconded.


Helen Nolting Secretary