The Brownstown Township Board met on Wednesday 9-30-2020 at the Trustee’s office.  Trustee Jenifer Isaacs called the meeting to get Board member signatures for the proposed 2021 Budget.  Board members Helen Nolting and Jack Gillespie were present. 

The meeting was called to order by Gillespie.  Minutes of the 7-22-2020 meeting were reviewed and approved.   Isaacs distributed the agenda for the meeting.

Old Business: A copy of the proposed 2021 Budget was reviewed and approved and signed by Nolting and Gillespie.  Barnette who was not present for the meeting had signed the copy before the meeting.

Isaacs reported that the search for a new office location, resulted in a proposal to rent a building owned by Marvin and Carolyn Huffman at 419 South Main Street, Brownstown for $350 per month.  Nolting and Gillespie voted to accept that proposal.

New Business:  Isaacs explained that a 2020 budget reduction resolution was required for approval of the 2021 budget proposal.  That will be considered at the next meeting.  

The next meeting is planned for December.

by Jack R. Gillespie, Secretary  10/1/2020 

Added 2/1/2021:  Due to the death of Dan Hall, Isaacs called a meeting for Nov. 17, 2020 to vote on a new school board representative for the township.  Paul Borden was approved to replace Dan Hall as the Brownstown Township Representative on the Brownstown Central School Board of Trustees.  JRG