The Brownstown Township Board met on Monday 7-22-2020 at the Trustee’s office.  Trustee Jenifer Isaacs introduced our new board member, Helen Nolting, who was appointed to replace Angela Blann.  Existing board members Conner Burnette and Jack Gillespie were present. 

The meeting was called to order by Barnette.  Minutes of the 1-27-2020 township board meeting were read and approved.  Isaacs distributed the agenda for the meeting.

Old Business: In order to bring Nolting up to date, Gillespie discussed our agreement with the County Fair board to complete the Multi Purpose Path project.  He also reminded the board this project has not been completed.

New Business:  1/  Isaacs passed out the Trustee’s Budget Estimate for 2021.  That estimate increased Personal Services by $1,300 to $29,300 from $28,000.  She  moved Supplies of $1,950.00 from General Government to Township Assistance, and decreased Other Services and Charges from $32,800 to $16,800.  The Recreation Fund was increased from $5,000 to $10,000.  The Township Assistance fund was decreased from $30,600 to $28,350.  All of these changes will be reviewed at the next meeting.  2/  Current office rent of $225 has been increased to $350.  We discussed considering other location for renting office space.  We considered investigating the possibility of the Ewing Depot.  Barnette agreed to follow up on relocation options.  3/  The under funding of the County Park Board was discussed.  Unless specified local tax receipts are made available to the township, the recreation activities on county park property should be funded by the county.

The next meeting is planned for Auguest 10, 2020.

 by Jack R. Gillespie, Secretary