The Brownstown Township Board met on Monday 1-27-2020 at the Trustee’s office.  Members present were Angela Blann, Jack Gillespie and Conner Barnette.  Trustee Jenifer Isaacs was also present. 

The meeting was called to order by Barnette.  Minutes of the 1-6-2020 township board meeting were read and approved.  Isaacs distributed the agenda for the meeting.  No old business was discussed.

New Business:  Isaacs passed out copies of the current Brownstown Township Nepotism Policy.  A Certification to the Brownstown Township Trustee by all board members to comply with that policy was signed by each board members.  Isaacs provided the board with a copy of her signed certification with the Township Nepotism Policy.

Isaacs distributed copies of Resolution 1-2020.  Resolution 1-2020 reads as follows:  The Brownstown Township Board resolves to establish the 2020 Township officer salaries at $21,200 for the Township Trustee;  $1,800.00 for the Township Deputy; and $1,666 for each Township Board Member. A copy of the resolution was signed by all members.

The 2019 Year End Report indicated Recreation Fund Receipts of $0, Township Receipts of $51,976.87 and Township Assistance Receipts of $21,489.26.  The report indicated Recreation Fund Disbursements of $0, Township Disbursements of $42,672.16, and Township Assistance Disbursements of $26,925.93.  Total Receipts were $73,46613 and Total Disbursements were $69,598.09.  For 2019 the Beginning Balance was $34,851.96 and Ending Balance was $38,720.00.  The 2020 Board of Finance Report indicated a People’s Bank balance of $38,720.

Copy B of Employee’s Federal Tax Return was delivered to board members. Isaacs announced the next meeting will be in March.

by Jack R. Gillespie, Secretary