The Township Board met April 12, 2021 at the Trustee office with Jack Gillespie and Helen Nolting present. Jennifer Isaacs distributed the agenda for the meeting. Minutes of the 2-9-21 meeting were reviewed and approved.

Old Business

Cemetery Restoration: There is $20,000 in Budget, of which mowing will be $10,000. This will leave $10,000 for the summer intern and grooming.

New Business

Newly elected School Board Member Paul Borden reported the second round of Covid money is coming and possibly would be receiving a third round. Jack asked Paul Borden about the possibility of hiring one, possibly two summer interns for cemetery project. Jack proposed two days a week at $10.00 per hour for the intern position. The interns would be working approximately 16 hours a week, and will be reporting the the History Center.

Jack brought up that an outdoor sign for the front of the Trustee building could be purchased for $60.00. The sign would be a metal frame sign with name, address, and telephone number. Jack will order.

Mowing bids were received from Dave Self of A&B Mowing, LLC at $570 per week and Steve Mowdy at $470 per week. It was decided to stay with Dave Self of A&B Mowing LLC, as his work has been satisfactory in past. Respectfully, Helen Nolting