The Brownstown Township Board met 7-31-2019 at the Trustee’s office.  Members present were Conner Barnette, Angela Blann and Jack Gillespie.  Trustee Jenifer Isaacs was present.   Barnette called the meeting to order.  Copies of the 2-6-2019 email of the board minutes were provided by Gillespie and read by Isaacs.  The minutes of the 2-5-2019 meeting were approved.

Old business:

Gillespie  presented copies of the 2017 agreement with the Jackson County Fair Board to complete the Multi Purpose Path to the fair grounds.   No follow up was decided.  Gillespie also reported paying $18 for annual web site fee, and the board approved reimbursement.

New business:

Isaacs updated the work on weed control at the First German Presbyterian Cemetery (Wegan).  Jail inmates were used to help with weed control. At that location until roots of dead trees are removed to allow mowing, spraying and hand labor are required to control weeds.  The board approved donuts and pizza for the Sheriff’s department  to show appreciation for their help in weed control.

Isaacs requested approval for a Brownstown Township Internal Control Policy dated July, 25,2019.  A copy of the policy was distributed, and the original was signed by the board members.

The proposed 2020 budget was distributed and discussed.

Barnette distributed copies showing current county paving projects in the township.

by Jack R. Gillespie, Secretary