The Brownstown Township Board met at 5:00pm 9-9-2019 at the Trustee’s office.  Members present were Conner Barnette, Angela Blann and Jack Gillespie.  Trustee Jenifer Isaacs was present.   Barnette called the meeting to order.  Copies of the7-31-2019 board minutes were provided by Gillespie and read by Isaacs.  The minutes of the 7-31-2019 meeting were approved. 

Old business:  

Isaacs passed out copies of the new proposed Brownstown Township Budget Report For 2020.  She pointed out that the Township Assistance Fund proposed total was reduced $3,000 to $30,600 to comply with budget increase limitations. 

The total unit budget proposal for 2020 to be voted on 9-23-2019 will be $100,094.  The following proposed fund totals are:  General(0101) =$64,494, Recreation(1312) =$5,000, Township Assistance(0840) =$30,600.   

New business:

Isaacs announced the next meeting will be September 23, 2019.

The meeting was extended until the proposed 2020 budget was signed.

On 9/23/2019 the 2020 Budget Report was signed by the board members.

The 9/9/2019 meeting was adjourned after the signing of the proposed budget.

Jack R. Gillespie, Secretary