The Brownstown Township Board met on Tuesday 2-5-2019 at the Trustee’s office.  Members present were Jack Gillespie and newly elected members Conner Barnette and Angela Blann.  Trustee Jenifer Isaacs was also present.  Gillespie gave Barnette and Blann the schedule for the Indiana Township Association training for newly elected board members, and suggested they try to attend. 

The 2019 organizational  meeting was called to order by last year’s Chairman Jack Gillespie.  Angela Blann nominated Conner Barnette for Chairman and Jack Gillespie for Secretary. Both agreed to serve and were elected.  Both  were elected to also serve as officers of the Finance Board.  Barnette took over as board chairman of the Township Board Meeting 2-5-2019. Minutes of the 9-26-2018 township meeting were read and approved.

For old business, Gillespie presented his copy of the Audit Report from the State Department of Local Government Finance(DLGF). This report of non-compliances was reviewed by DLGF with Trustee Isaacs on October 18, 2018.  This board chairman’s copy is to be made available for public review.

Under new business, Trustee Isaacs presented Resolutions concerning nepotism, an annual finance report, and salary proposals for 2019.  These were approved and signed by all board members.  Gillespie presented copies of a recent newspaper article about Durland Cemetery.  He also presented copies of some estimates for cemetery restoration projects completed or proposed by John Walters (“Graveyardgroomer”) and Helen Wildermuth (“Stonehugger”) since 2014.

by Jack R. Gillespie, Secretary