The Brownstown Township Board met on Wednesday, June 21, 2017 at the Trustee’s office.  Members present at the meeting were Bev Dewitt, Jack Gillespie and Jennifer Isaacs.  Meeting was called to order by Jack Gillespie.  Jennifer Isaacs read the minutes of the May 1 meeting and they were approved.

Old Business:

The First German Presbyterian Cemetery in Wegan is almost complete.  The boys have done a great job and the Highway Dept. has completed the road access to get to the cemetery.  The amount the township owes should be less than $500.  The next stage will be to spray for weeds.The Multi Path Project has a bid of $11,000.  The Brownstown Township might have to pay half of it, but not until 2018.

New Business:

The Brownstown Township Trustee received a letter from Smallwood Cemetery about giving a donation to help them mow the cemetery this summer.  Bev and Jack both agreed to make a donation of $250.00.

Jack Gillespie brought a bill in for Word Press (our township webpage) for $18.00.  Jennifer reimbursed him with a check.

Meeting was adjourned.