The Brownstown Township Board met on Monday, May 1, 2017 at the Trustee’s Office. Those present were Trustee Jennifer Isaacs, and board members, Bev DeWitt, Jack Gillespie, and Hope Warren. Also present for the meeting was Brownstown School Board Member, Dan Hall.

The meeting was called to order by Jack Gillespie. Hope read the minutes from the January 30, 2017 meeting. Minutes were approved as read.

Old Business

  • Board members discussed donating money to the soccer field this year and it was decided that the board would not be making a donation. Mowing of the field was also discussed and it was determined that the County Park Board is currently taking care of the field.

 New Business

  • Dan Hall, Brownstown School Board Member reported on current projects that the school board is working towards. Dan reported that the high school football stadium would begin renovation once school has ended for the 2016-2017 school year. Dan also briefly discussed the possibilities of the turf project for the high school football field. Dan also stated his interest in serving another year on the Brownstown School Board.
  • Jack reported on the Healthy Jackson County Townships. Completing of the walking path will be discussed at the June meeting. This will be part of the 2018 obesity project. They will be receiving bids from Star Paving and Brad Pardieck.
  • Jack reported that the First German Presbyterian Cemetery pathway has not been finished yet by the county. He spoke with Jerry Ault and it is on the to-do list. Jack also reported that he will talk to Jade Peters about having some of the high school football players remove trees for $1500-$2000.
  • Jack presented an estimate from Stonehugger Cemetery Restoration, Inc. for the Old Town Cemetery project.
  • Jack reported we have not yet received an estimate on the Jackson County Park path project completion.
  • Jennifer reported we have received two mowing bids for 2017 from Mark Lahrman and Dave Self (A&B Mowing). Discussion was had, and it was decided to have Dave Self do the mowing for 2017. Bev made the motion and it was seconded by Hope. Meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Hope S. Warren, Brownstown Township Board Secretary