Brownstown Township Board Meeting

Minutes of January 3, 2017

The meeting was called to order.  Minutes of the last meeting were not available.  Beverly DeWitt and Jack Gillespie were present. Beverly made a motion to keep the officers the same as 2016. The officers for 2017 will be Jack Gillespie, Board Chairman and Hope Warren, Secretary.

The following October 19, 2016 request from Lynn Hinnefeld was read and approved.  “I request that Brownstown Township survey an abandoned cemetery plot on my farm described as PT SE SW 36-5-4 99A in Jackson County Indiana.  I would be willing to donate this plot and an access lane from the adjacent county road to Brownstown Township for preservation of this historic site.”

The following resolution was proposed by Jack:  “Be it resolved that the Brownstown Township Board accept a property donation from Lynn W. Hinnefeld of an abandoned cemetery plot on the Hinnefeld farm approximately one half mile west of County Road 100 North and one hundred feet north of County Road 400 South in Brownstown Township.  This cemetery will be recorded as public property of Brownstown Township and named First German Presbyterian Cemetery.”

The resolution was approved and signed by Beverly and Jack as:

Brownstown Township Resolution  2017-1.

Minutes written 1-3-2017 by Jack Gillespie, Board Chairman