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Healthy Community Project

Brownstown Township is currently participating in a Jackson County, Indiana CDC Grant project to help prevent and reduce obesity. The Township Board has proposed a resolution to yearly budget 10% of its estimated annual township receipts to a local Township Recreation, Health, Culture, and Conservation Fund to help finance local cooperative town, township, and county “Healthy Community Projects”.

We hope that all of the 12 townships in Jackson County will pass  resolutions to help fund these types of projects.

Board Minutes 1-3-2017

Brownstown Township Board Meeting

Minutes of January 3, 2017

The meeting was called to order.  Minutes of the last meeting were not available.  Beverly DeWitt and Jack Gillespie were present. Beverly made a motion to keep the officers the same as 2016. The officers for 2017 will be Jack Gillespie, Board Chairman and Hope Warren, Secretary.

The following October 19, 2016 request from Lynn Hinnefeld was read and approved.  “I request that Brownstown Township survey an abandoned cemetery plot on my farm described as PT SE SW 36-5-4 99A in Jackson County Indiana.  I would be willing to donate this plot and an access lane from the adjacent county road to Brownstown Township for preservation of this historic site.”

The following resolution was proposed by Jack:  “Be it resolved that the Brownstown Township Board accept a property donation from Lynn W. Hinnefeld of an abandoned cemetery plot on the Hinnefeld farm approximately one half mile west of County Road 100 North and one hundred feet north of County Road 400 South in Brownstown Township.  This cemetery will be recorded as public property of Brownstown Township and named First German Presbyterian Cemetery.”

The resolution was approved and signed by Beverly and Jack as:

Brownstown Township Resolution  2017-1.

Minutes written 1-3-2017 by Jack Gillespie, Board Chairman

Posted on Brownstown Youth Soccer League Facebook Page

Jack Gillespie
Today at 3:46pm
The Brownstown Township Board is preparing for a dedication of the Township Soccer Fields. This four year township project started in 2012 as a cooperative recreation development project with the Jackson County Park Board. The Jackson County Council designated county property for development of the Jackson County Park Board soccer program. Brownstown Township then provided the funding and coordination for construction of the soccer fields and the equipment needed to initiate a local community soccer program. Thanks to the Brownstown Youth Soccer League for organizing soccer coaches, parents,and soccer teams to utilize these cooperative township and county supported park facilities.

Brownstown Youth Soccer League

This is the first year for organized play on the Brownstown Township Soccer Fields.

Facebook page for Soccer League:

Next Board Meeting 9-21-16

The budget planning meeting will be at the Trustees office Wednesday Sept. 21 and 6:00 pm.  Other agenda issues will be refund from Graber Post Bldg., soccer sign, tombstone groomer, and township soccer field  dedication.

Brownstown Township Board Meeting

The 5-18-16 board meeting was delayed for 1 week due conflicting schedules. The next Board Meeting will be 5-25-16.

Wishing the town of Brownstown Indiana a happy 200th birthday.

March 15 2016 Board Minutes

Brownstown Township Board
March 15, 2016 Meeting Minutes

The Brownstown Township Board met on Monday, March 15, 2016 at the Trustee’s office. Those present were trustee Jennifer Isaacs, and board members Bev DeWitt, Jack Gillespie, and Hope Sitterding.
The meeting was called to order by Jack Gillespie. Hope Sitterding read the minutes from the January meeting. Minutes were approved with corrections.
Old Business
• Soccer Field
o Jack gave Jennifer a bill from Global Equipment Company for $913 which is associated with the porta pot that will be placed at the soccer field. Payment for porta pot will be taken from the recreational fund.
o New goals will need to be ordered for the older age groups. Jack had priced goals and presented the information to the board. It was decided Jack would go ahead and order the 2 goals and would later be reimbursed.
o Discussion was held in regards to placing a sign at the soccer field. Jack had tried to get in touch with Jerry Brown (Celery Signs) to discuss the possibility of an aluminum sign. He was unable to contact him but will try again.
New Business
• Correction to resolution 1-2016 in regards to the salary of each board member.

The next meeting was set for Wednesday, May 18, 2016 @ 6:00pm.
Meeting was adjourned.

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