Position Title:  Brownstown Township Summer(2022) History Intern

Goal:  Develop a computer program to help start updating Jackson County History Center records of all head stone names for historic cemeteries in Brownstown Township.  Probe the Brownstown Old Town Cemetery ground for headstone basses to try to match broken off and removed headstones for future restoration.

Qualifications:  Good writing, computer, and communication skills.  Ability to work independently in collecting and processing historic data and information.

Desired Qualifications:  A high school graduate with some college experience and interest in history.  A Brownstown Township or Jackson County resident.

Work Schedule:  Not more than 30 hours per week and not more than 12 weeks.  Starting in May or June and ending in August or September of 2022.

Salary:  Up to $10 per hour based on experience and qualifications.  Current local mileage reimbursement for job relate travel.

Duties and Responsibilities:  Work in the Jackson County History Center facility and/or the Brownstown Township Trustee office.  Collect data and information as needed from Brownstown Township Cemeteries and any other records from Jackson County Offices or local news paper offices.

To Apply:  Submit a brief resume and a statement of interest in history to: 

Brownstown Township Trustee:   (email) jisaacs102@gmail.com

or  Brownstown Township Board Chair:  (email) backdrjack@yahoo.com

For Other Information:  Call 812-569-9474 or 812-216-3931 or visit https://brownstowntownshipindiana.com/